Hi, I'm Vincent Demeester

I'm a french developer 🐻, Gopher 🐹, sysadmin 🐺, factotum 🦁, free-software fan 👼 and unicode lover 🐸. I'm working RedHat 🎩 as a principal software engineer, previously at Docker 🐳 and Zenika 🐯. I am a maintainer of the docker project (moby/moby, docker/cli, …), the TektonCD project (tektoncd/*) and a tiny bit of NixOS.

Featured content

Golang testing — gotest.tools introduction

Let me introduce it to you this library : gotest.tools. As described in the godoc package comment, gotest.tools is a collection of packages to augment testing and support common patterns. It’s an enhanced and growing version of the initial helpers we (the docker/moby maintainers) wrote initially in docker/docker repository. We are using in quite some project here at Docker.


This set of articles is my knowledge base. This is managed using Org Mode and specifically org-roam. This content is kept up-to-date across time (compared to posts).


This set of pages and articles are describing and discussing my configurations. By configurations I mean the dotfiles for miscellaneous software and operating systems (like NixOS, or GNU Emacs). This documents comes from my monorepo for my personal tools and infrastructure. I’m trying to use Nix as much as possible for those configuration, using NixOS and home-manager. But it is not limited to this. The goal of my monorepo is:

  • Centralized (sometimes literate) configurations
  • Shareable nix modules (e.g. zsh configuration on nixos and using home-manager)
  • One repository to rule all my configurations, for all my machines.
  • Reproductible and testable configurations