Hi, I’m Vincent Demeester

I'm a french developer 🐻, Gopher 🐹, sysadmin 🐺, factotum 🦁, free-software fan 👼 and unicode lover 🐸. I'm working at Red Hat 🎩 as a senior principal software engineer, previously at Docker 🐳 and Zenika 🐯. I am a maintainer of the docker project (moby/moby, docker/cli, …), the TektonCD project (tektoncd/*) and a tiny bit of NixOS.

This is my personal space on the World Wide Web. It is meant to be simple, modest and persistent — by persistent, it means that I am trying to not breaking URIs. The list below is a “selection” of some content. If you are looking for an “index” of all pages (almost), there is a sitemap.

See also some documentation publish from my mono-repo.

I did archive part of the website. The URI stay the same, so it shouldn’t be a problem. For shortcuts, here are the old posts and articles.

Opinions stated here are my own and do not express the views of my employer, spouse, children, pets, neighbors, secret crushes, favorite authors, or anyone else who is not me. And maybe not even me, depending on how old this is.
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