A Digital Garden you say…

Let’s try to describe what this “website” is about ✍️.

As I said in “Random thoughts after 2 years”, I’ve been inspired by Joel’s digital garden article. This article aims to provide a bit of how I intend to maintain this space from now on.

This space is inspired by a lot of other spaces, but adapted to my vision. I think I’ve always struggled with the blog approach. I sometimes want to publish things that are not related to time. That can be true no matter when you read it. The opposite is true as well.

I really like the way Joel speaks about it.

While not everybody has or works in a dirt garden, we all share a familiarity with the idea of what a garden is.

A garden is usually a place where things grow.

Gardens can be very personal and full of whimsy or a garden can be a source of food and substance.

We gather and work together in community gardens to share the labor as well as the rewards of a collective effort.

It’s a comparison that you can take very far. From “planting seeds” and “pulling weeds” to tending mutiple gardens that each serve an individual need or desired outcome.

Like with real gardens, our digital gardens are a constant ebb and flow towards entropy.

Weeds take over. Left untended the Earth will reclaim what belongs to it.

The same is true for our digital gardens here on the internet.

There is quite some things I still did not figure out: