Reinit and Jekyll

Mon, 7 May, 2012 (300 Words)

Two weeks ago, my online personal server has been attacked and, somehow, died. I’m in the process of re-installation of it but I’m going to hardened a bit the security on it. Anyway, this crash meant that every piece of site I maintain has been down. That’s why I moved this identity site on the github pages, using a CNAME ; That way I can crash as much as I want my server(s), this page should still be up for a while.

And I’m switching on Jekyll for this website as It is supported by Github page, easy to use and easy to deploy elsewhere (if one day I want to move from Github).

The rest of the post is going to be used as a sandbox post to test the site styles.

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def foo
  puts 'foo'

Some bash script…

update_gems() {
    echo "Update gems for all versions ? (y/N)"
    read UPDATE_GEMS
    test -z "${UPDATE_GEMS}" && UPDATE_GEMS="n"
    if test "${UPDATE_GEMS}" = "y"; then
        for version in `ls --color=never $HOME/.rbenv/versions`; do
            echo "Updating ${version%/}"
            RBENV_VERSION="${version%/}" rbenv exec gem update
            RBENV_VERSION="${version%/}" rbenv exec gem install bundler