What is Tektoncd ?


The Tekton Pipelines project provides Kubernetes-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines.

It can be deployed in OpenShift either using the upstream releases or with OpenShift Pipeline.

As it is running in Kubernetes, everything runs into containers.

TODO Guides

TODO Migrating from Jenkins to Tekton

The gist of this guide is to help you migrate from Jenkins (using Jenkinsfile, or not) to Tekton pipelines.

TODO Efficient Tekton Pipelines


Design Docs

Let’s list some interesting design docs I worked on (or reviewed).

TEPs : Tekton Enhancement Proposals

[2020-06-17 Wed] TEP, or Tekton Enhancement Proposal is a new process to to propose, communicate and coordinate on new efforts for the Tekton project. You can read the full details of the project in TEP-1.

A standardized development process for Tekton is proposed in order to

  • provide a common structure and clear checkpoints for proposing changes to Tekton
  • ensure that the motivation for a change is clear
  • allow for the enumeration stability milestones and stability graduation criteria
  • persist project information in a Version Control System (VCS) for future Tekton users and contributors
  • support the creation of high value user facing information such as:
    • motivation for impactful user facing changes
    • an overall project development roadmap
  • ensure community participants are successfully able to drive changes to completion across one or more releases while stakeholders are adequately represented throughout the process

This process is supported by a unit of work called a Tekton Enhancement Proposal (TEP). A TEP attempts to combine aspects of the following:

  • feature, and effort tracking document
  • a product requirements document
  • design document

into one file which is created incrementally in collaboration with one or more Working Groups (WGs).

This process does not block authors from doing early design docs using any means. It does not block authors from sharing those design docs with the community (during Working groups, on Slack, GitHub, ….

This process acts as a requirement when a design docs is ready to be implemented or integrated in the tektoncd projects. In other words, a change that impact other tektoncd projects or users cannot be merged if there is no TEP associated with it.

This TEP process is related to

the generation of an architectural roadmap the fact that the what constitutes a feature is still undefined issue management the difference between an accepted design and a proposal the organization of design proposals

This proposal attempts to place these concerns within a general framework.

The TEPs should be publish at https://teps.tekton.dev at some point.