Orgmode is the most awesome mode Emacs has. It is a beast to master, and the best advice one can get is : dig in slowly, use it for tracking your todos or as an outline and forget about all the super powerful feature it has. Once you are used to the basic usage, slowly document yourself (using the awesome documentation directly from Emacs) and enhance your workflow.


I’ve wanted to write about my org-mode workflow for a while. I started on my monorepo but it’s far from complete and the format doesn’t really fit the prose I wanted to put in. I’ve recently read “A Guide to My Organizational Workflow: How to Streamline Your Life” and well, it gave me the will to document it, so here it is : My Organizational Workflow


Orgmode has export and publishing features. It is very powerful. As a matter of face, I am using org-mode to publish this website, from the index to the posts, articles, … And as a matter of fact, there is even a page about it : publishing this website.