My Organizational Workflow

How I use org-mode and other tools to streamline my life

This is an up-to-date document on my org-mode workflow. This is inspired by “A Guide to My Organizational Workflow: How to Streamline Your Life” and other articles like Getting Boxes Done, Getting Boxes Done, the Code, Refiling Trees to Files. In a gist this is about how I take notes and how I keep track on what I work on and what I need to work on.

This is part of My Emacs System.

TODO Introduction

TODO Goals

TODO Framework

TODO Tooling


  • Remove slack from phone (or personal tablets) With working remote, it’s even more important to draw the line
  • Have timeboxed « slacking off » session by slacking off, I mean twitter, reddit, …
  • Take a medium to long walk during the day Better in the middle, by medium to long I mean at least an hour walk
  • It’s ok to set smaller pomodoro from time to time, 25 is the “longest” limit, not the lowest one
  • Apply it as much as you can (i.e. not interruption)
  • Pomodoro technique
  • Phone / tablet
    • Remove most apps
    • Remove most notifications
    • Grayscale most of the time

TODO org-mode Workflow

This goes into


  • filter org file(s) with a tags & co
    • use case: with weekly-review only, worklog only, …
    • subject (go, emacs, …) to build article or gather thoughts, idea, reviews, …
  • Heavy usage of org-protocol to list reviews done, and more quickly capture content from the browser

The rest is deprecated 😅


Let’s try to think about “TODOs” management in the light of todoist and org-mode. Reasons to use todoist are :

  • write task/todo items on-the-go on any devices — this is way harder with org-mode.
  • list and mark task/todo as done from anywhere
  • share some list with others (mainly @houbeb)
  • have some nice stats

Reasons to use org-mode are :

  • integrated with my editor, agenda, notes, mail, …
  • easily customizable (dashboard, agenda, search, filters, org-links, …)
  • all text, data are own by me, replicated
  • clock possibility (related to work, so adding some context to it)

One idea is to be able to synchronize org-mode and todoist

  • only part of the org-mode todo list (i.e. a file)
  • mainly (and at first) used todoist -> org-mode
  • syncing two ways the means adding a new element that doesn’t have the required properties in the file

TODO Do some writeup about org-mode usage and workflow

TODO Add a reviewing org-protocol capture template


:CREATED:[2020-04-16 Thu 10:57]

That way I track more easily the long review by just using a bookmark.

TODO Better worklog entries

  • Substree in a datetime tree (see if it is possible)
  • In a separate journal ?

TODO Fix meetings notes


:CREATED:[2020-04-02 Thu 17:41]

  1. Capture template doesn’t work
  2. Can we make Actions and Decision per “tree” ? (if not, meeting notes might be one file for each meeting)
  3. Ideas
    • New tree
    • Better template
    • Stay in the capture while it’s happening

From: Decisions

TODO quick writing org-mode template


:CREATED:[2019-12-20 Fri 10:09]

^^ some of those could be normal template instead of org-mode capture templates

TODO org-protocol support for more templates

TODO org-mode entry ordering

  • By TODO keyword, then priority
  • Bind it to sthg (else than ^)