Four principles of software engineering

Software should be robust. It should be designed to accommodate all known edge cases. In practice, this means predicting and handling all known error cases, enumerating and addressing all classes of user inputs, reasoning about and planning for the performance characteristics of your program, and so on.

Software should be reliable. It should be expected to work for an extended length of time under design conditions without failures. Ideally, it should work outside of design conditions up to some threshold.

Software should also be stable. It should not change in incompatible or unexpected ways; if it works today it should also work tomorrow. If it has to change, a plan shall be written. Stakeholders (including users!) should be given advance notice and should be involved in the planning stage.

Finally, software should be simple. Only as many moving parts should be included as necessary to meet the other three goals. All software has bugs, but complicated software (1) has more bugs and (2) is more difficult to diagnose and fix. Note that designing a simple solution is usually more difficult than designing a complex solution.

This (short) article is based on a Mastodon post I wrote a few weeks ago.

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Programming is terrible

programming is terrible — lessons learned from a life wasted — is a very interesting website. I’ve tried to extract a few links from it with my comments in here.

Code reviews

Code review is one extremely powerful tool in a software developer team’s arsenal, yet it’s often neglected or used in a way that leads to toxic behavior, causing more harm than good.

The primary purpose of code review is to make sure that the overall code health of your project code base is improving over time. All of the tools and processes of code review are designed to this end.

An list of code-review article and tools aronud code revîew : awesome-code-review.

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Because I think the speed doesn’t matter when programming, I think the most important part to remember here is the comfort: the wrists don’t move and my fingers fly around the keyboard, whatever the speed.

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