Programming is terrible

programming is terrible — lessons learned from a life wasted — is a very interesting website. I’ve tried to extract a few links from it with my comments in here.

Code reviews

TODO Code Review Best Practices - Palantir Blog - Medium   review

[2020-01-28 Tue 18:58]

TODO How to Do Good Code Reviews - Level Up Coding   review

[2020-01-28 Tue 18:58]

Pair programming   pair

TODO On Pair Programming

[2020-02-12 Wed 09:21]

TODO Advanced Pair Programming: Pairing Remotely – Chelsea Troy   pair

[2020-04-21 Tue 18:26]

TODO Remote Pair Programming: Best Practices – Chelsea Troy   pair

[2020-04-21 Tue 18:27]


TODO Porn, Zen, and .vimrc

[2020-09-17 Thu 08:36]

Could be on it’s own entry on editors

TODO Higher-order functions are like inheritance

[2020-09-18 Fri 11:29]

The Wrong Abstraction — Sandi Metz

A really interesting article about a really good point : sometimes duplication is better than the wrong abstraction !

TODO Constraint Driven Development | Trineo

[2020-03-29 Sun 06:15]

TODO Your syntax highlighter is wrong

[2019-12-12 Thu 13:35]

TODO Why I’m leaving Elm -

[2020-04-09 Thu 19:48]

TODO Text Editors – Andrey Orst

[2020-05-14 Thu 12:31]

TODO The secret skills of productive programmers

[2020-05-15 Fri 14:33]

TODO Simplicity (mostly) guarantees security

[2020-05-16 Sat 15:17]

TODO The Mediocre Programmer   #read

[2020-05-25 Mon 11:10]

TODO Michael Feathers - Testing Warranties

[2020-06-23 Tue 17:39]

TODO My thoughts about editors in 2020 –

[2020-09-07 Mon 10:28]

Because I think the speed doesn’t matter when programming, I think the most important part to remember here is the comfort: the wrists don’t move and my fingers fly around the keyboard, whatever the speed.