NixOS is a Linux distribution with a unique approach to package and configuration management. Built on top of the Nix package manager, it is completely declarative, makes upgrading systems reliable, and has many other advantages.

Most of my infrastructure is on NixOS.


nix-community/impermanence: Modules to help you handle persistent state on systems with ephemeral root storage [maintainer=@talyz]​   nixos

[2020-06-07 Sun 14:05]

impermanence provides modules to setup your system with ephemeral root storage 🙃

TODO - 2019-03-29-why-nixos-is-hard-and-how-to-fix   nixpkgs nixos

[2019-04-17 Wed 18:19]

TODO (Secure, Declarative Key Management with NixOps, Pass, and nix-plugins)   nixos

TODO gitignore for Nix – Hercules Labs blog   nixpkgs

[2019-06-07 Fri 14:47]

TODO ociTools in NixOS

[2019-10-28 Mon 21:38]

TODO Use podman within a nix-shell   nixos podman containers

[2019-12-10 Tue 18:52]

TODO Windows-on-NixOS, part 1: Migrating bare-metal to a VM   nixos

[2020-01-17 Fri 18:19]

TODO Dejà vu - Updating NixOS local VMs   nixos

[2020-01-17 Fri 18:19]

TODO Dejà vu - Direnv with nix run   nixos

[2020-01-17 Fri 18:19]

TODO - NixOS: For developers

[2020-01-30 Thu 18:28]

TODO I was Wrong about Nix - Christine Dodrill

[2020-02-12 Wed 12:38]

TODO Building a reproducible blog with Nix

[2020-04-28 Tue 19:20]

TODO My NixOS Desktop Flow - Christine Dodrill

[2020-05-07 Thu 16:45]

TODO tazjin/nix-1p: A (more or less) one page introduction to Nix, the language.   nixpkgs nixos

[2020-05-15 Fri 10:46]

TODO Running Unpatched Binaries on NixOS - BAM Weblog


:CREATED:[2019-03-02 Sat 11:29]

TODO How I Start: Nix - Christine Dodrill

[2020-03-09 Mon 10:25]

Super guide to nix in a project with niv 💓