Hi, I'm Vincent Demeester

I'm a french developer 🐻, Gopher 🐹, sysadmin 🐺, factotum 🦁, free-software fan 👼 and unicode lover 🐸.
I'm working @Docker 🐳 as a software engineer, previously Zenika 🐯.

I develop mainly in Go, a little bit of Java, a tiny bit of Python ; I'm learning Haskell and LISP with Clojure (and also Emacs Lisp). The more I learn about about Functionnal languages and their way of thinking, the more I feel enlighten. I'm using Emacs as my main editor and IntelliJ IDEA for Java-related stuff. I'm a GNU/Linux user, mainly NixOS GNU/Linux. I no longer use or need Microsoft® Windows® but I'm, sometimes, using Mac OS X at work (but I don't really like OS X and Apple in general). I'm a FSFE fellow since 2010 (and previously a FSF fellow), Framasoft and La Quadrature du Net supporter/donator. I also try to support various free software, like Mediagoblin.

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