Hi, I'm Vincent Demeester, a french developer, sysadmin, factotum and free-software fan.

Since 2008, I'm working mainly as a Java Developer, and since March 2014, I'm a consultant at the awesome Zenika. I've previously been the core developer of Energy Managment Systems and was the core sysadmin \o/.

I'm graduated from both ECE (École Centrale d'Électronique) and UiO (University i Oslo).

I develop in Java, a little of Go, a tiny bit of Python, Ruby and Javascript (fooling around with angular) ; I'm learning Haskell, Clojure (and also Emacs Lisp) and Scala. The more I learn about about Functionnal languages and their way of thinking, the more I feel enlighten. I'm using Emacs as my main editor and IntelliJ IDEA for Java-related stuff.

As a sysadmin (or devops as I might be called), I'm fooling around with Docker, orchestration tools like Ansible (a little Chef, or even smaller Fabric), XEN, KVM or even LXC (with Libvirt, before the rise of Docker). I'm a GNU/Linux user, mainly Debian GNU/Linux (and related) and Archlinux. I no longer use or need Microsoft® Windows® but I'm, sometimes, using Mac OS X at work (but I don't really like OS X and Apple in general).

I'm a FSFE fellow since 2010 (and previously a FSF fellow), Framasoft and La Quadrature du Net supporter/donator. I also try to support various free software, like Mediagoblin.


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