Hi, I'm Vincent Demeester, a french developer, sysadmin, factotum and free-software fan.

Since 2008, I'm working as a Java Developer, and since mid-2009 I've been promoted as the core developer and the core sysadmin \o/. Working on Energy Managment Systems is also a way to learn and understand the concepts and issues related to energy.

I'm graduated from both ECE (École Centrale d'Électronique) and UiO (University i Oslo).

I develop in Java and Ruby ; I'm learning Haskell, Clojure and Scala. I want to know more about Functionnal languages and their way of thinking. As a sysadmin (or devops as I might be called), I'm working with Chef, fooling around with XEN, KVM or even LXC (with Libvirt). I'm a GNU/Linux user, mainly Debian GNU/Linux and Archlinux. I no longer use or need Microsoft® Windows® but I'm, sometimes, using Mac OS X at work (but you don't want to know how low is Apple in my mind).

I'm a FSFE fellow since 2010 (and previously a FSF fellow), Framasoft and La Quadrature du Net supporter/donator.


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