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vaadin-container-utils is a util library to facilitate the creation of Containers.

It currently contains two main classes to use :

  • ContainerUtils : Utils class useful for common and generic operation on Container such as initialize, add a property, etc.
  • ContainerFactory : Create different type of Container from a list of Bean using different algorithm to get the list of properties.

It also contains a @Container annotation to easily annotate your beans for behavior in creating ]Vaadin]( containers. The corresponding PropertyReaderAlogrithm is then AnnotationReaderAlgorithm.

The goals when creating this library is to ease the creation of different type of containers, while still have a maximum flexibility. Before having a 1.0 version, there is a lot of improvement to push (Pivotable containers, better customization, etc.).


To use in your Maven powered project, you'll have to add the temporary shortbrain repository (for now… soon in the vaadin addon repository and/or the central repository)